Hey there!

I am a noviceĀ applied linguistĀ in the Philippines. My interests are like “changing winds and shifting sands” (common language teaching metaphor), but the thrust of my current work fall under (critical) discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and multimodality. In these areas, I explore issues involving internet linguistics, news discourse, language in popular culture, language and gender, and the textual formation of knowledge.

Apart from these areas, I also investigate issues in second language acquisition, sociolinguistics,Ā forensic linguistics, translation, and Cebuano.

I do a lot of other stuff when not busy with teaching and academic affairs such as cosplaying, playing drums, and dancing.

You can find my academic profiles here: ORCID,Ā Research Gate,Ā ResearcherID

I’m also on Twitter:Ā @gab_nim.Ā 

You can also email me at wilfredgabriel.gapas.gs@ust.edu.phĀ for academic questions and invitations.Ā